Thursday, July 2, 2009

Most Faithful Friend, Companion

Cleo, my rescued Rottie, went to the "Rainbow Bridge" this morning to romp with her friends, Luna and Cookie. At three, she was turned in with a Schnauzer for chasing the cat. Well, the Schnauzer had to be the culprit as Cleo, never gave my cats a glance. With a few sessions of training, she became an AKC Good Citizen dog, great on leash and off. Ever gentle with puppies, small dogs, and tiny babies to active pre-schoolers, she was the quintessential companion. She gave a scary bark when someone came to the door which gave me a great sense of security. She sensed my moods and was there to comfort. She would have been thirteen this October. Trinket and I miss her greatly already.


  1. I know how much this hurts but it doesn't help you any. She was an extremely wonderful dog and we're all lucky for having known her. Poor Trinket...she must be really feeling lonely now.

  2. how sad. you will always feel her presence...

  3. Cleo was a gentle giant. She always found my hand and it fit her head so perfectly. Those last couple of weeks, it was easy to see she did not feel good. But, what a trooper, she kept on giving. Yes, she will be missed.


  4. Hi Aunt Kay,
    Sorry about Cleo. I know you are missing her. She was lucky to have you as her mommy. On another note, are you still in Michigan? I am loving your posts.
    Love, Em


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