Monday, April 16, 2012

So many projects: Cardigans, Scarves

 (Originally written October sometime, 2011.  I have been AWOL for months sidelined with pesky health issues.)
I left Michigan with a sheaf of patterns in my "project ideas" folder.
this sheaf of ambition stands behind getting the second Stephen West Spectra Scarf done.  I love the first one with the bright, almost stained-glass colors.  The second is subtle and more sophisticated, I think.  But back to projects:  I am moving along with the Ravelry Petoskey Pointy Sticks group KAL of Madeline Tosh's Creature Comforts Cardy.  I love the MT vintage yarn and the pattern is unique and intriguing.   I have to pay attention all the time, but Meta, our fearless leader, has given great tips for staying on point.
(Here it is all finished)

I have the Cynthia Too Sampler scarf queued with some Fleece Artist soft stuff.  Can't wait for that.  Here is the shop sample.  I'm basically copying it, 'cause I love the pink.

Then there is the cute little 22.5 Degrees shawlette I want to make from the Well Water colorway in, yes, again MT sock yarn.   I am addicted.
. Not enough hours in the day!

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