Thursday, May 19, 2011

Queueing up Projects for the summer

As I prepare for departure to my summer digs, I have fight this great fear of not having enough projects with me to knit.  God forbid!  I know, I know, I could buy something, but this year I am promising myself to use my handspun and knit up lovelies from this.  It's a bit of a trick to have the right yardage for the right project as I can't just go "buy" an extra skein or two.  With the help of my Wednesday spinning buddies I have lined up three more possibilities from Ravelry.  Beth, the forever librarian was a huge help on this.
I have some bulky handspun in apple greens, taupe and rust tones that I think this "Faraway, So Close" shawl will work with.  It's on #10 needles or so and has interesting patterns and waves in it.
Faraway, so Close

BFL hand spun plied with apple green merino
 Then for some sport weight to fingering weight hand spun I think I will do this charming Pamuya shawl:
BFL Handspun plied with aqua merino
Another choice would be for a rectangular shawl, this Fleece shawl should truly challenge my lace knitting skills.  I will be texting my mentors a lot on this one.
 This one is done by elsbethr on ravelry.  I think it is stunning.  Still deciding on the yarn for this one.


  1. Gorgeous shawls!

  2. Love all of them. Hope your summer is lovely and you use up all kinds of handspun on beautiful creations! xoxo


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