Friday, March 4, 2011

More on-line Addictions

As if Facebook, Ravelry, and even my Google Reader, don't suck up time, now on-line bargains hit my inbox every day with super deals.  Who else is hooked on Groupon, Living Social, Haute Look, Rue La La, Zulily and Gilt Groupe?  These hit my inbox daily with temptations. And, Yes, I have succumbed mightly.   I have gotten coupons for piles of gourmet cupcakes, sloppy decadent burgers, now two movie tickets, a trip to Amazon's store, puzzles from Barnes and Noble.  I'm heading to Redenta's for organic gardening supplies.  What's not to love about getting half off on compost? Those are some of the coupons.
I will just confess the most ridiculous first:  Not one, but two Pillow Pets for the kids' guest room here at my house.  Not saying that they wouldn't be great pillows for occasion "Mimi" naps on the sofa.  Trinket is pretty sure I have lost my mind.

Plenty of other merchandise has tempted me.  I just opened a big box from Rue La La with a new Victorinox suitcase.  Thought I would go with a color this time so I can fine it easily on the baggage carousel.  Green is nice, don't your think?
Some things you  have to buy quickly as they sell out.  Snagged my mighty little Cusinart electric handmixer as soon as the sale opened. It sold out within an hour.  Whew.  I, of course, desperately needed it.

Speaking of grandkids,  there is a whole other justification.   Hip boy clothes for Charley with roller blades, dragons and superheros in cool graphics are his taste.  Got some loafers cum driving shoes for soon-to-be eight-year-old Zoe.  Who knew those would come back around.  I love KissyKissy baby clothes.  Those showed up when I needed a new baby boy gift.  Bang!  I scored those quickly.

So far, only two things disappointed me.  Two Furla faux reptile skin handbags just didn't meet my quality control.  I swallowed the return shipping and will await a credit on that.

Now, since I have bared my retail soul, who else out there has falling down this dreadful rabbit hole?  Please, make me feel better and let me know.


  1. I love the pillow pets! We gave our granddaughters those at Christmas. I don't blame you for getting some for your home. Great idea. Last time I flew Southwest, they BROKE my luggage, so much for loving bags. I could've used a new suitcase. oh, well. I love the green!!!

  2. Geez! I've just now found Groupon. I'm going to close my eyes and not even look at all those other things you mentioned! It would cost me a fortune to save all that money!


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