Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Winter: 78 degrees here but...

 My Colorado family is having a different winter.  Abundant snow has given son, Jim, a glorious playground for his high back country skiing on his telemark skis.  Here he slogging through the trees at Berthound Pass, altitude 11,000 feet plus.  That looks like nothing but torture to me.

Granddaughters, Sophie and Stella look frozen to me on their first day of skiing last week.  God love 'em.  They are becoming little whizzes on the slopes.

Meanwhile, a friend sent me this shot of my condo in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  They are getting hammered with snow and cold there.  Dallas, however, cannot decide on balmy, silly spring weather, or blustery cold.  Today, 78 to 80 degrees.  Christmas eve, maybe 50 with lows in the 30s.  I think I will take the latter.


  1. Really weird around here, isn't it, Kay?? I had to come in and get out of my sweatshirt after I did my chores.... started to actually *sweat!*

  2. C: I don't love it at all. I love my wool things and fires in the fireplace and hot chocolate. Not summer shirts and sandals right now.

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