Friday, July 2, 2010

Funky Handspuns

Wacky? Spontaneous? Distracted? Easily amused?   These are some things I have in common with these yarns I spun this month.  Above are three kinds of moss greens in merino left over from plying projects.  I plied them with some of the eternal (read huge) bump of corriedale/merino morrit-colored roving I bought at Kid N Ewe last November.  This stuff just won't go away.  I have dyed it as roving and now am spinning it uber finely  to use in these crazy  projects.

Below is the wackiest.

I took the huge bag of detritus left from the licker-in of my Fancy Kitty Carder and started just spinning it as it came from the bag.  I reached down and grabbed a fluff, so it is all kinds of thing;  merino, alpaca, silk noil bits, silk, BFL, random wools, and bits of sparkle from angelina and Firestar.  I have 3 big skeins of this stuff, or 396 yards of chunky, funky yarn.  I'm thinking funny hats this winter.


  1. Beautiful! Probably the only thing I don't do it knit, makes me wish I did!

  2. I love these yarns! Great job!


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