Thursday, June 10, 2010

From the Dye Pots

This week I have been dyeing stuff here at the studio, out at Fancy Fibers Farm and then back here to set up a long table in the garage to do some painted rovings for the shop.   The first four above are from my loosely titled Sea Shore collection and are mostly pale and cool.  If the weather won't be cool, then at least the colors I work with can!

The last two, Pinwheel and Koi Pond, are back to the brighter colors.  Koi Pond was painted, and Pinwheel was control dyed in my big giant turkey roaster.  I have some super elegant dye pots.  You should see the collection of crockpots.  But, hey, they work!


  1. Mmmmm. Colors.... it just might be time to snag another gee-orgeous CS roving so I can blow through it in record time and knit something fun. I'll be watching for just the right delicacy...

  2. Georgeous, Georgeous,,,,,
    Hey, if crockpots work use them...I go for what works...rd

  3. I just love your colors and am so excited that I was able to purchase one of your rovings!!
    It will be so much fun to spin it up.


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